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Domestic (USA, Canada) Security Personnel, Close Protection, Bodyguards, Asset Protection Jobs, Back Room Security Analysts.

The use of security personnel, Close Protection, Bodyguards and Asset Protection Personnel, both armed and unarmed, is on the rise. Whether it is asset or personal protection, employing a large security detail, especially bodyguards has, at least in the United States, become almost a status symbol. Washington is taking the lead and large corporations as well as individuals tend to follow. The costs to the economy are obviously phenomenal and, except for a few industries, probably outweigh any damage from breaches of security.

This page is concerned with all types security jobs. You will find job links here for general Security Jobs, Close protection and other bodyguard jobs, asset protection as well as computer security positions.

The requirements for security jobs differ vastly, depending on how the person is being used. A standard military or law enforcement background is usually what employers look for, when they search for asset protection and general security jobs. Computer security positions often require forensic ability, apart from a thorough knowledge of computer systems, hardware and software, and significant programming competence. As a general rule the following is required:

High school diploma or GED equivalent Ability to work on a team
Drug-free No criminal history
Communication skills, good social skills Must be responsible and have a professional attitude
Ability to read, write, and speak the English language Security, military, or law enforcement background is a plus
Proficiency in other languages is a plus Computer literacy is highly valued

Other security positions may have additional requirements, such as the ability to control crowds for body guards or a defensive driving course for bodyguard/drivers, or similar.

USA and Canadian Domestic Security Jobs and Bodyguards
Web Address Type Location


Morrison Security Corporation
Ph: 866 467 2669 e-mail
Security Personnel Employer USA,
English, mainly domestic, events Corporate and industrial
Provides highly experienced armed and unarmed guards, off duty police officers and other security personnel
Gavin de Becker & Associates
11684 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City,
California 91604
Fax : (818) 506 - 0426
Email here
Security Consultants USA,
English, Nationwide

Specializes in threat assessment for domestic, events Corporate and industrial, Institutions

A consulting firm that advises media figures, public figures, transnational corporations, government agencies, police departments, universities, and at-risk individuals on the assessment and management of situations that might escalate to violence
86 Laird Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 3V1
E-Mail Here
Security Company specializing in Bodyguards Canada, English, Nationwide and International An international, full-service firm, specializing in Bodyguards and Security Consulting. Our field staff consists of former police and military personnel with extensive experience in all the various areas of specific VIP security

Many security jobs also require investigative competence, so that breaches of security can be dealt with internally. Such jobs would be found in corporations as well as hospitals, nursing home groups and schools. Other users of security personnel would be hotel groups, insurance companies, financial companies and banks. In financial companies and banks the level of knowledge in finance required to land one of these jobs is likely to be rather advanced. And this is asked for in addition to investigative capability. Ports airports and transport companies are other users of large numbers of security staff.

Web Address Type Location


RSA the Security Division of EMC
174 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730
Ph:  877 RSA 4900
  (or 781-515-5000)
Fx:  781-515-5010
Security Personnel Employer USA,
English, domestic, events Corporate and industrial
Domestic and international security group with a wide range of applications and products. Computer and other security, bank security monitoring
Triple Canopy
2250 Corporate Park Drive
Hemdon VA
Security Personnel Employer USA,
English, Nationwide and International
Global Security and Mission Support Service. Provides integrated security to government and private corporations International Medical Corps
1919 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404
T. 310.826.7800 • F. 310.442.6622
International Medical Provider requiring Bodyguards USA
English, Nationwide and International
An international, full-service firm, providing medical services all over the world in conflict and disaster areas

Web Address Type Location

Remark +1.703.417.6000 (Defense and Govt Services) A Supply and logistics company requiring Security Personnel USA,
English, domestic, and international
Domestic and international logistics company with government contracts requiring security clearance holding specialists
TMG Security
(Threat Management Group)
Security Personnel Employer USA,
English, Nationwide and International
TMG specializes in fully integrated support of operations in hostile environments where client success is paramount and the value added extends beyond security duty. Whether we are keeping the shelves of military bases in Iraq filled with supplies or escorting a CEO between hot spot destinations in our corporate jet, we are doing so with the highest professional and ethical standards to guarantee our customer's success
DynCorp International
13601 N Freeway,
Suite 200
Fort Worth, TX 76177
(Recruiting Office)
Security and Logistics Company requiring Bodyguards USA
English, Nationwide and International
Operates major programs in aircraft and land systems maintenance, modifications, and operations; base operations; rapid-response and long-term contingency operations and logistics support; infrastructure development and operations; broad-based international development; and law enforcement and intelligence training and support.

Interserver Webhosting

Web Address Type Location


Security USA Inc.
315 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018
Ph:(800) 549-3150
(212) 594-3253
(866) 482-7380
(212) 594-4475
Fx: (212) 594-5616  
E-Mail here
Security Company with offices in the USA USA,
English, Nationwide
Executive Protection, VIP - Celebrity Bodyguards, Chauffeurs, Commercial Security Guards, Armed Guards, Doormen, Fire Guards, Private Investigators, Background Investigation, CCTV DVR Surveillance Systems, Alarms
Worldwide Intelligence Networks
481 Eighth Avenue
Suite 1570
New York, New York 10010
Lic #PI 0311124 (NY)
Private Investigators with offices in NYC and Beverly Hills USA,
English, Nationwide
Full service Private Investigation Agency providing exceptional investigative and security services to the legal profession, corporations, the entertainment industry and individuals.Risk Management and Internet Security Teams
Robert Galloway & Associates
18614 Rogers Lake
San Antonio,
TX 78258
Ph: (210) 764-2932
Private Investigator USA,
English, Nationwide
Private Investigation Agency

comfortable protective face masls Restoro

Web Address Type Location


3105 N. Ashland Ave., #272
Chicago, IL 60657
Ph: 773-463-5373
Security Company, Bodyguards, Secret Surveillance USA
Happie handled protection services for Fortune 500 executives, national and local government officials and witnesses in high-profile crime cases
Midwest Protective Services Inc.
16176 Westwoods Business Park
St. Louis, MO  63021-4500
Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-391-2188
Ph: (636) 391-2188
FX: (636) 391-7150
Security Company, Bodyguards, Secret Surveillance, Investigative Work. Cyber Crime. USA
Mainly Midwest and Chicago Area
Specializes in providing confidential private investigations and special security services to individuals, attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, businesses, government, and financial institutions. 

Besides the outside security operator, there is an increasing demand for highly competent analysts that look at potential threats to assets and people who need protection. These back-office security specialists have gained in importance since political terrorism and mindless criminal attacks have become more wide spread. The education and training requirements for these jobs can vary widely, from a solid law enforcement or military career in the past, to economic and political risk analysts with PhD's and long foreign service records.

Web Address Type Location


Security Driver
16 Hillside Ave.
MA 02155
Provision of Armored Vehicles, Security Drivers, Training and Information USA,
The company represents twenty seven years of working in the field; training governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies and military organizations to protect themselves from violence.
Alimar Security, Inc.
19701 Vernier Road, Suite 190
Harper Woods, MI 48225
Voice: 313-343-9173
Fax: 313-886-3499
Toll Free: 866-ALIMAR1
E-mail here
Security Provider in the Detroit and Michigan Areas USA,
Detroit and Michigan area
Alimar offers the following security services: Armed and Unarmed Services, Payroll Escorts, Mobile Patrols, Bodyguards, Estate and House Watching, Executive Protection, Disaster and Crisis Control, Alarm Systems, Closed-Circuit TV Evaluation and Installation
Beach Cities Protective and Investigative Services
2500 Via Cabrillo Marina
San Pedro, CA   90731
Security Provider in California with offices in Nevada and Boca Raton FL USA,
Investigative and Protective Services

This is just a selection of security firms. Many companies in this business do not want to make themselves public and they get the clients through recommendations, rather than publicity. Often they do not make their recruitment public either.

When you are talking about Close Protection Specialists, or body guards, you should take note, that many employers who look for security specialists have little use for the gun slinging types. What they want are responsible mature operatives they can trust to use their judgement in any situation. Some of these jobs obviously range from protecting the local politician or businessmen to international financiers, statesmen, corporate tycoons and celebrities.

However, an increasing number of these jobs are available in quite ordinary situations, such as in schools and colleges, hospitals and old peoples homes, hotels and department stores, distribution centers and factories, shopping centers and malls. Many of these jobs can be obtained part time but more and more of these institutions build up proper full time security departments. They offer ideal jobs for people with police and general law enforcement backgrounds.

Duties for these types of jobs will include, but are not limited to, patrolling the premises (hotel, store, factory) initiating and monitoring investigations, writing incident and accident reports and assisting sick and injured employees as well as guests or visitors. Security Officer works in every area of the premises or facilities and has the opportunity to interact with many types of people in many types of situations, these positions require candidates who are outgoing, people-oriented, have a positive demeanor, are highly professional and ethical, and can remain friendly, calm and clear-headed in difficult situations.

Web Address Type Location


Securitas Services
Comprehensive Security company - 350 Office Locations and 100,000 employees. Apply at any office USA
The types of Jobs available are: Security Officer, Security Supervisor , Energy Services Security Officer , Receptionist Officer , Fire Fighter, Fire Inspector , Armed Security Officer , Alarm Technician , Mobile/Patrol (STS) Officer , Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Officer, Security Specialty Position , Site Coordinator/Supervisor, Usher
Rockefeller Center Corporate Headquarters
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020-1903
Ph: (212) 765-8226
New York based with offices around the country. Apply at the offices nearest to you. USA,
Spanish and other languages a plus
Guardsmark is an award-winning company in the fields of diversity and ethics. Prior to joining Guardsmark, many employees have enjoyed successful careers in law enforcement and with the FBI, CIA, IRS, Secret Service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Merchant Marines, and the Coast Guard.
Security Consultants Group, Inc.
102 Mitchell Road, Suite 100,
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: (865) 482-7440
Fax: (865) 482-9436
Security Personnel, Bodyguards etc. USA,
SCG provides armed and unarmed security officers to protect vital Federal infrastructure, including US Courthouses, Federal Buildings, Federal offices, and four Presidential Libraries

Aaptiv workout

Web Address Type Location


Paramount - Private Security Services
5250 West Century Blvd.
Suite 307
Los Angeles
CA 90045
Ph:310 645 1212
Fx 310 645 4794
Comprehensive Security company USA
Bodyguards, Armed/unarmed patrols, investigative services, asset protection
Vance Global
10467 White Granite Drive
Oakton, VA 22124
(703) 592-1400
(703) 592-1500 fax
Comprehensive Security company with offices in London and Mexico City and in a few cities around the USA USA,
Vance was founded in 1984 near Washington, DC, and now unifies the complementary expertise of Vance International, Decision Strategies, and Fairfax Consulting
Certified Household Staffing
CA 90210
Ph: 310.461.6100
Household Staffing Recruiter that also offers Home security Personnel, Bodyguards etc. USA,
Household Staff with employment for trained bodyguards for celebrities and corporate executives

Getting a Security Job, a Close Protection or Bodyguard Job and your Resume

Trust is a key in the Security Business. Therefore, the first contact point between a potential employer or his executive recruiter and a candidate is generally the résumé and your cover letter. The quality of presenting yourself to a potential employer or an executive recruiter is crucial in job searches in this field of activity. Remember, you have, maybe, 5 minutes to convince your counterpart, when he/she looks at your résumé, that you are the person for the job. That is why having a top professionally written résumé is an important investment!

There are numerous good résumé writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested on our resume advice page.

The Various Types of CV's/Resumes -
Have Your Resume Written/Edited or Appraised
How to write a Resume The different Types of Resumes
(In cooperation with
JobLine International
Have a Resume Written The Chronological Resume
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JobLine International
Have your Resume/CV edited by us The Functional Resume
(In cooperation with
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How to Master an Interview and be successful The Chrono-Functional Resume
(In cooperation with
JobLine International
Networking and how to use it successfully The European Curriculum Vitae
In cooperation with
JobLine International
Self Evaluation: What are you Capable of? How to write or edit a Cover Letter
In cooperation with
JobLine International)

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Some Books on Careers in Law Enforcement and Private Security

You will find some good ideas about how to structure your career in the security industry. There are also regular magazines which can give you some guidance!

Books on Careers in Security from

Recruiters for Computer Security Jobs

Web Address Type Location


Las Executive Search Group
3 Blueberry Ln,  Staten Island,
New York 10312
Ph: (718) 317-7777 
E-mail here:
Recruiter's Job Site specializing in Computer Security with Resume Posting USA,
North East
Specializing in Information Security
Alta Associates
8 Bartles Corner Road,
NJ  08822
Ph: (908) 806-8442
Fx: (908) 806-8443
E-Mail Here
Recruiter's Job Site specializing in Computer Security with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Specializing in Information Security, our diverse client base and extensive industry contacts have produced hundreds of placements in: Security Architecture, Cryptography, E-Commerce / PKI.
Security Recruiters 6842 N Park Manor Dr.
Milwaukee, WI  53224
Recruiter's Job Site with Resume Posting and Career Search specializing in Cyber/Computer Security USA,
We are a nationwide security recruiter -- specializing in recruiting security executives and information-security specialists for client companies.

Education and Training Courses for Bodyguards
Web Address Type Location



Gun Barrel Square,
2128 Railroad Ave., Dept. Web
Rifle, Colorado 81650 USA
Ph:1-888 718-3105
Offers Certification with a major in Dignitary and Executive Protection, Personal Protection, or Protective Intelligence and Investigations USA,
Aspen Colorado, English
Training Academy for
Executive Protection and
Investigators and Protective Intelligence 
Henley Putnam University
25 Metro Drive, Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95110
Ph: 408-453-9900
Fx: 408-453-9700
University specializing in Counter-terrorism and Security Work USA, English Henley-Putnam Faculty members are leaders from world renowned strategic security organizations such as the CIA, FBI, NRA, NSA, Secret Service, DIA
Brigade Security Consultants Ltd
Suite 65,
2 Landsdowne Row,
Berkeley Square, London W1J 6HL.
United Kingdom
Ph:+44 1442 250033
Fx: +44 7884530629
International Security Consultant offering employment and Training United Kingdom
Offers comprehensive Close Protection training as well as the training of dedicated in-house corporate security teams.

Associations and Professional Bodies
Web Address Type Location


ASIS International 1625 Prince Street
Virginia 22314-2818
Professional Organization for Computer and other Security Issues USA
ASIS International, with more than 33,000 members, is the preeminent international organization for professionals responsible for security, including managers and directors of security
International Association of Professional Protection Specialists
5255 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 308
Santa Clara,
CA 95051
Professional Organization for Security Issues USA
A Portal for High Risk Security, SWAT, EOD, Special Operations, Counter terrorism, Intelligence and counter intelligence Specialists.

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