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Jobs in Switzerland
How to find work and reside in Switzerland
Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies (Page 1)

Jobs in Switzerland - Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies (Page 2)

Headhunters, Executive Recruiters in and around the City of Geneva, Switzerland - City Information
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Employment and Staffing Agencies in and around the City of Geneva, Switzerland
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Living in Geneva and Surrounding Areas
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Headhunters, Executive Search and Recruiters in and around Zurich, Switzerland
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Employment and Staffing Agencies in and around the City of Zurich, Switzerland
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Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies (Page 2)

How to find work and reside in Switzerland

(Page 1 and Page 2)

Besides the employers and recruiters shown below, you should also consult our page dealing with jobs in the international (Europe, Africa and the Middle East regional HQ's) headquarters, located in Switzerland. There is also a page that deals with companies which recruit on an international basis, wherever their headquarters are.

On this Page 2 you will find

Corporations in Life Science with large Production and Research Facilities

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Novartis International AG
CH-4002 Basel
Ph:+41 61 324 11 11
Fx: +41 61 324 80 01
Corporate Pages with Career Site (Jobs und Karriere) Switzerland German, French, English A huge pharmaceutical and research company. It is the largest employer of Life Science professionals in Switzerland. Novartis works worldwide and also employs sales and admin people, accountants and finance as well as IT personnel. Owns the famous Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research.
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Corporate HQ
Grenzacherstrasse 124
CH-4070 Basel
Ph:+41-61-688 1111
Fx:+41-61-691 9391
Corporate Pages with Career Site The English Language site is here ( Switzerland German, French, English One of the largest Health Care and Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Roche develops innovative diagnostic and treatment products. Subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities all over the world.
Basel, 4002
Ph.:+41 61 636 11 11
Fx.:+41 61 636 12 12
Corporate Pages with Career Site Produces products such as Adhesives & Sealant, Inks & Printing, Paints & Coatings, Plastics & Rubber Switzerland, Germany, German, French, English Ciba, special chemicals, now part of BASF since April 2009, is a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value effects for its customers’ products. Ciba dates back to 1758 when J.R. Geigy Ltd., the oldest chemicals company in Basel, began trading in chemicals and dyes. In 1970, Geigy merged with Ciba - a Basel-based chemicals company founded in 1884 - to form Ciba-Geigy Ltd. When Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy Ltd integrate to form Novartis, CIBA was formed as a spin-off
HR Infoline
Tel. +41(0)61 323 51 11
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English, Italien A world-leading agri-business committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. With more than 24,000 employees in over 90 countries

Engineering and other Manufacturing Companies

Switzerland like Germany and Austria, has a long mechanical and electrical engineering tradition and large numbers of engineering companies. Most of them are heavily export oriented with Germany, the USA and now increasingly China, Russia and India as their major markets. In addition, there is a precision mechanical engineering sector (Feinmechanik) which had its origin in the watch (in the Cantons of Neuchatel, Vaud and Bern) and sewing machine industry and is now increasingly involved in robotics. Machinetools and sophisticated textile machinery manufacturing is still important, though Italy and Japan are strong competitors in these fields

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Stadler Rail AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-9565 Bussnang
Ph:+41 71 626 21 20
Fx:+41 71 626 21 28
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French,English, Italian Designers and manufacturer of Trains for suburban and urban lines (FLIRT, GTW, DOSTO, TANGO) with manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Algeria. 2400 employees, exports all over the world.
Sulzer Ltd
Zürcherstrasse 14
8401 Winterthur, Switzerland
Ph: +41 52 262 11 22
Fx +41 52 262 01 01
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English Sulzer was founded in 1834 in Winterthur, Switzerland, and is active in over 120 locations worldwide. Specializing in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment.
Rieter Management AG
Schlosstalstr. 43
CH-8406 Winterthur
T +41 52 208 71 71
F +41 52 208 70 60
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English, Turkish, Chinese An industrial group based in Winterthur, Switzerland, and operating on a global scale. Formed in 1795, the company is a leading supplier to the textile and automotive industries. Rieter has a presence in 21 countries with some 70 manufacturing facilities and has a total worldwide workforce of approximately 14 000 employees, some 14% of whom are based in Switzerland
ABB Group
Affolternstrasse 44
P.O. Box 8131
CH-8050 Zurich
Ph:+41 (0)43 317 7111
Fx:+41 (0)43 317 4420
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland, Sweden, German, French, English, Italien Global leader in power and automation technologies.One of the world’s leading engineering companies. Operates in 100 countries and employs 120,000 people. Power generation and distribution systems, So0lar Power Do you need a personal headshots * *

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
22-24, Route de Genève
Case Postale 134
1033 Cheseaux
T +41 21 732 01 01
F +41 21 732 01 00
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland German, French,English, Italian The Kudelski Group is a world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions for the delivery of digital and interactive content. Worldwide operation. $1.0 billion in sales
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
P.O. Box 992
6371 Stans, Switzerland
Ph: +41 41 619 61 11
Fx: +41 41 610 92 30
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland German, French, English Established as an aircraft manufacturer in 1939 and headquartered in Stans, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd owns three independent subsidiaries in Altenrhein, Broomfield, Colorado (USA) and Adelaide (Australia). Together, these companies form the Pilatus Group. There are additional sales offices in England, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.
RUAG Schweiz AG
Division Aerospace
P.O. Box 301
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen
Ph:+41 412 684 111
Fx:+41 412 602 588
Corporate Site with Job Site Switzerland German, French, English RUAG is an international aerospace and defence & security technology group with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden. !00% of the shares of the holding company are owned by the Swiss Government
The Swatch Group Ltd
Seevorstadt 6
P.O. Box
2501 Biel / Bienne
Ph:+41 32 343 68 11
Fx:+41 32 343 69 11
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland German, French, English, Italien In 1998, SMH (Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd.), founded by Nicolas G. Hayek (also the inventor of the SMART Car) in 1983 through the merger Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH, was renamed The Swatch Group. They produce Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega and Tiffany, Longines, Rado and Union Glashütte, Tissot, ck watch & jewelry, Certina, Balmain, Mido and Hamilton,Swatch and Flik Flak.

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Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Givaudan SA
5, Chemin de la Parfumerie
1214 Vernier
Ph:+41 22 780 9111
Fx:+41 22 780 9150
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland German, French, English, One of the foremost innovators, creators, and suppliers of fragrances and flavors in the world. With over 200 years of combined experience, Givaudan is among the oldest and largest flavor and fragrance houses in existence. Subsidiaries in 46 countries from which it services customers in over 80 countries
Lonza Group Ltd
Muenchensteinerstrasse 38
CH-4002 Basel
Ph:+41 61 316 81 11
Fx: +41 61 316 91 11
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland French, English, French, Italian One of the world's leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. Its products and services span its customers’ needs from research to final product manufacture. Lonza had sales of US$ 2.8 billion.
AFG Arbonia-Forster- Holding AG
Amriswilerstrasse 50
Postfach 134
CH-9320 Arbon
Ph: +41 71 447 41
Fx: +41 71 447 45 88
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland German, French, English A publicly quoted, integrated construction industry supplier and in selected areas of technology. AFG comprises five divisions: Heating Technology and Sanitary Equipment, Kitchens and Refrigeration, Windows and Doors, Steel Technology and Surface Technology. The Group has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, China, France, the United States and Slovakia. About $1.4 billion annual Sales.

The Types of Executive and Staff Recruiters

We will be using a standard classification for the types of recruiters which we show here. This is as follows:

Headhunters and Executive Search Firms Generally these search firms look on their own for employees at the top level, they want to place. Their targets are Board Members, CEO's, CFO's other first and second level management, high level staff and technical specialists. Only some of these recruiters will accept voluntarily sent CV's. The general rule here is:"We call you, don't call us!" But during hard economic times...... who knows!
Executive Recruiters These search firms will generally accept your unsolicited application. They might also recruit on behalf of companies at all levels, but generally specialize at the technical and middle to higher management levels.
Staffing Agencies (incl. Temp. Agencies) Staffing Agencies will deal with temporary and permanent staff placements. Some of them will recruit managers on a restricted time management (e.g. 6 months or one year), and others will specialize in certain economic sectors.
Internet Recruiters and Job Boards Some internet recruiters and job boards do not have offices you can visit, since their whole operation works over the internet. Most of these recruiters will deal with permanent placements only. Look out for reputable operations!

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Some Important Aspects when you apply for a foreign based or international Job

The Resume and Cover Letter is the first contact point between a potential employer or his executive recruiter and a candidate. Therefore, the quality of how you present yourself to a potential employer or an executive recruiter is crucial in your job search. Remember, you have, usually less than 5 minutes to convince your counterpart, when he looks at your résumé, that you are the person for the job. That is why having a top professionally written résumé is an important investment!

There are numerous good résumé writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested at our Resume Advice Page . The offers vary in price and you get what you pay for!

You should also be aware that many of the top international executive recruiters will not accept unsolicited résumé's/CV's. You might be lucky that they have just contracted a client looking for exactly your qualifications. But, as a general rule, they do not keep your submission on file, except if it is for a specific job.

You can find the advice guide: "The Ten Job Search Rules you should not break". and what not to do, when you look for a job, here!

The Various Types of CV's/Resumes -
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Networking and how to use it successfully The European Curriculum Vitae
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JobLine International
Self Evaluation: What are you Capable of? How to write or edit a Cover Letter
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Expatriates Blogs, Websites and Observations about Switzerland

There are a lot of clever comments in these blogs and websites, that will help you understand a little bit more about the Swiss and their country. At the very least, it will give you a feel, even if you do not speak the language. But you should try to learn at least basic German, or French or Italian. You do not have to learn Swiss German, standard German will do! International expats blog with specialized pages for Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel Expats from all over the world share their experiences Specialist pages for several towns in Switzerland
A Humorous Guide to Switzerland Cleverly and interestingly written observations
The Yodel Blog Nothing to do with yodel, just good observation. Well written blog by an American writer
Expat Voices: New York Expat Kerrin Rousset on Zurich Informative and clever: Freelance food and travel writer, blogger with a sweet tooth

She also has her own blog and site called The site has comments on Zurich and Geneva

Expat Voices: Expat Voices: Krissy Jackson on living in Zug Krissy appreciates the strong family values in Switzerland and living in a clean, safe environment
Easy Expat International Relocation - guide to Geneva A very useful source of information on all aspects of life in Switzerland in forum format with thousands of contributions from locals and expats alike
Expat Focus Country guide for expatriates in Switzerland
Expat Women Helping women living overseas
Family Life Abroad All sorts of information in articles written by experienced expats
German Way Language and culture in Germany, Austria & Switzerland - living or travelling in Switzerland. But Switzerland is very different from Germany and Austria International mums in Switzerland -  web magazine with focus on international moms living in Switzerland for any length of time and with children of all ages
Ready...Steady...Zurich! Essential information for expats on life in Zurich
Swissworld Your Gateway to Switzerland
Switzerland Is Yours Much useful information on living and investing in Switzerland
The Xpat Xchange Switzerland expat info at your fingertips Living in Switzerland - key expatriate websites
ZUG4YOU.CH The English website for expats in Zug
A Swiss Story Expat adventures living and working in Switzerland
Jules Ritter One Writer’s Life - a British born and educated feature writer working out of the Geneva area in Switzerland
Trevor E Brown’s Blog Dispersing the fog, book publishing, and life in Heidiland - Zug-based blogger

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