Jobs with American and International civilian and military Contractors in and around Afghanistan, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, West Africa and East Africa
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Jobs with military and civilian Contractors in Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, West Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq the Gulf States, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East

Although, there are no longer as many jobs on offer in Iraq and Afghanistan as their used to be, the remaining force of training units for Iraqi soldiers, still in place there, needs considerable support. The training and support contingents as well as a considerable intelligence group will remain for a considerable time to come. Iraq and Afghanistan also requires a lot of civilian support in a number of functions. As do the surrounding countries. In addition there are now lots of jobs in Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, and West Africa.

The instability in Iraqi will continue since the Shia government has not been able to orchestrate an economic recovery. The loss of the educated middle class Iraqis, especially those that have been close to the former Bathist regime are unlikely to be overcome in the near future. The current dominance by Shia politicians and their economic management ineptness alone will prevent that and may lead to a slit in the country.

There is an urgent need for highly specialized technical, military, intelligence, logistics and management skills for these type of jobs all over the world.

The number of civilian contractors, especially Americans, British and South Africans has been building up worldwide for some time. While some of the areas of operation ar far more difficult place to work than Iraq. Establishment and rebuilding of the dilapidated infra- and transport-structure as well as the energy market, will require an ongoing foreign presence in many areas of the world. There is also a great need for ongoing and continuos security, intelligence and close protection personnel ! Training demands in a large number of skills for the police and just about everything to run a state government will also remain high.

The general types of contractor jobs offered are shown on the left. But many more specialists at almost any level are required. The change is obviously that a large number of people have had experience in Iraq and an increasing number also in AFGHANISTAN AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS. That means contractors have a much larger pool of experienced people from which they can select their employees.

All the jobs offered are outstandingly well paid with salaries ranging from $ 80,000 to $ 175,000 a year, depending on age, qualifications and experience. There are also costs of living allowances and free transport from and back to the USA. Former Armed Forces service personnel with special skills are especially welcome.

These jobs are not for everyone. "Cowboys and hip-shooters" are not particularly welcome. You have to be hardworking, serious and conscientious. Experience in working in Arab countries or language skills are not required, but are an obvious advantage.

The problem for interested candidates is finding the right companies that are active in these areas. Recruitement is generally on a low key and the companies do not publicize their activities highly. jobs4work will submit your resume by e-mail to these companies, as appropriate for your job skills. We will also, for a small fee, prepare your cover letter and Resume, so that you have a good chance of being offered a job.

This is a unique opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money in a very short time. Not all candidates will be accepted, but if you have a good work record, you have a good chance to land the job of a lifetime.

An Important Consideration, if as a US Citizen you work offshore or abroad

Remember, if you stay 330 out of 365 days out of the country (i.e. the USA) , than your Foreign Earned Income is free of Taxes in the USA
(see here for the relevant IRS regulations - IRS Topic 854 and also 853 and 855

However, in view of the fact that you are likely affected by FATCA, you should get yourself some legal and tax advice from a competent individual or firm.


The Type of Positions Currently Available
Close Protection, Security, Trainers for Police and Prison Guards
Liaison Drivers and Mechanics, Vehicle Maintenance
Telecommunications and Encryption
Civil and Mechanical Engineers and other technical personnel
Oil Field Staff at all levels, Production Engineers, Instrumentation Maintenance
Water, Gas and Oil Pumping Stations Maintenance and Restoration
Specialists for water and sewage treatment plants
Road and Airports Reconstruction and Maintenance Engineers
Electricity Distribution and Power Station Reconstruction and Maintenance Engineers
Port and Rail maintenance
Food preparation (cooks, bakers and other support in food preparation),
Administrators, hospitality and camp management
Accountants and IT personnel,
Bilingual English-Arabic speakers and translators
De-mining Specialists

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Corel Videostudio

Other Security Jobs, Security Software and Spy Ware

The Problem of finding the right Jobs

Civilian and military Contractors offer hundreds of jobs around the world. But to research the hiring patterns and for what jobs you will be suitable will take you weeks, if not months. This would cost you several hundred Dollars in time and effort. Keeping research up to date in the constantly changing environment of the government contractors will cost you further time and effort. We have already done that for you.

If you want to apply for any of the jobs, just send us an e-mail with your resume (in .doc, .txt or .rtf format only or as a text as part of your e-mail) together with an application fee of $25.00, and we will forward it to the appropriate advertiser/contractor. These will contact you directly, when the appropriate job opening becomes available and they are interested in your services.

We will send your application by e-mail to companies, who hire contractorsfor jobs around the world and who are in search of your skills. So, we will send it to the right companies, not on some chase!

Resume Submission and Professional Resume Writing

One of the most important tools to landing a top international job, besides the required education and experience, is a good, effective resume or Curriculum Vitae and a successful interview. The resume/CV is the item that will get your foot into the door and will determine whether you will get to the stage of the interview. Remember, employers can get the best educated people in the world! So competition is high. We can offer you some help for the resume creation as well as coaching and advice for the interview. The links below might also be of help.

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The German version of a Curriculum Vitae is a bit different from the "sales letter" that doubles as the American style resume. A German CV gives many more personal details (such as marriage, children, date of birth, detailed educational background etc.). But for a general job application (i.e. not if you apply for a political or church job!) avoid references to your involvement in civic or church activities. Especially the latter would be see as "strange". If you require any advise on this, we will edit your English Language resume/CV for US$ 49.00, so that it conforms to a German style CV.

The Various Types of CV's/Resumes -
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The number of companies employing people may at any one time be between 100 and 200 or more. Which companies are suitable for you, will depend on the skills you offer. We will apply to these companies with your details and your e-mail address and these companies will then contact you directly, when they have an opening and need your skills. Negotiation with the employers about employment conditions is directly between yourself and the potential employer.

Depending on your choice of program for an Active Job Search Package, we will contact these companies with your resume not once, but regularly for three month, up to twice a month, (if you do it more often, companies will reject your applications), so that they have a fresh application from you, when they recruit!


Active Job Search Packages

Find it difficult to find a Job? Why don't you try one of our Job Search Packages. They are inexpensive and effective!
We will send your resume and cover letter repeatedly to employers that require your skill profile. The number of submissions will vary in line with available jobs and the skill profile and experience. At any one time there are up to 100/200 employers (USA and UK based) active in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gulf.

Would you like us to help you find a job? Job Hunting is time consuming and we can help you with the "footwork".
You send us your Resume or CV and a cover letter and we will submit it to employers looking for your skills! We will do this for you for one, two, three or for six month! Prices start at $89.00 for a month.

E-Mail Resume Submission for one month plus Resume Publication on for 90 days
E-Mail Resume Submission for two months and Publication on Jobs4work for 90 days
Silver Submission - Creation of Resume and Cover Letter from your data plus E-Mail Resume Submission and Publication on Jobs4work for three months


You can either write 500 or more applications and cover letters, miss major opportunities, spend about $ 200 in postage or do it once with us and have the employers contact you! Think of the time and money you spend to write the applications!

So why are you still waiting for? Take your Professional Life into your own hands: Apply and make Money! This is the single best opportunity ever offered to you!

Aaptive workout

So you don't have a proper Resume or Cover Letter?

Don't worry, we will write one for you. Just send us your professional details, goals and educational background information

You Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission. To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good, well written resume and cover letter, we will create it for you from your data!
If you feel you have basically a good Resume and Cover Letter but would like for someone to edit it, before you finally send it out



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