Psychological Evaluation and other Tests used in Human Resources
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Test Your Temperament

Employers and prospective employees want to know what kind of job a potential employee is suited for. Are there programs that help employers select the "right person" for the "right job?"

Obviously there are, and we all have come across them. Whether it is an IQ test, a temperament test or a specific skill evaluation for a narrowly defined job or academic evaluation, at one stage or another in our life, we have done them.

Knowing your temperament helps in your search for a career or job. Though it serves primarily as a guide, rather than giving fixed answer.Temperament is almost analogous to "culture" in terms of influence. If You are of certain culture, then you will tend to feel most comfortable in your culture, and you can operate well in that culture. This does not mean that you cannot be happy and prosperous living in a culture that isn't your original culture.The same is true with your career or job, you can find happiness and satisfaction in many careers or jobs that are not "natural" ones for your temperament. On the other hand, if you aren't happy or you don't think you are as effective as you could be in your current situation, then it would be useful in examining the match between your temperament and your current job or career.

A good resource for examining your interests, job, and career is the book What Color is Your Parachute (available from - see the links on the right). Although, it does not directly deal with Temperament Theory, it is probably the best guide and resource for career and job hunters.

You can take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Test, available in different languages by clicking on the Link. It includes an instant free evaluation. For a more thorough evaluation you would have to purchase one of the books. They are all highly recommended.
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Books and Software about often used Products in Employee Testing from


Career Resource Network

These are on-line Career Assessment Center operated by various sites. They offer a number of free aptitude tests Some important ones are summarized with the respective links here.

Evaluation is an important first step in career exploration. Many Job Seekers can not articulate their interests in a way that can be translated into career paths. There are many tests called interest inventories which help focus in on the careers. Some interest inventories are more games but others are sophisticated instruments. Both types of tests have their place. Some of the more sophisticated tests cost money, but may certainly be worth it.

Most tests are composed of an Interest inventory and an Aptitude Test. Interest is important, but aptitude is the critical factor for many jobs. Although, almost any one can pursue any career, one may discover that because of certain talents, an alternate career may result in more success.

Discover Your Work
A site put up by the military that includes the Interest Finder Quiz and the Work Interest Quiz. The site also promotes the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.
The Career Development eManual
This is a a complete manual for career development published by Career Services, University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey
The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey is an online career planning tool. The JVIS profile describes areas of career activity in which the user has indicated a high interest. The scores are compared with people in different job groups. The JVIS is not free.
Career Assessment Tests
O*Net Career Exploration Tools
The Occupational Information Network, the nation's primary source of occupational information, has developed a set of self-directed career exploration/assessment tools to help students and workers consider and plan career options.
Career Management International's (CMI) "Kingdomality" Personal Preference Profile is a fun way to gain a broader understanding of the basic complementary personality styles and types that help determine each individual's vocational interests.

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