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Finding a Job in the World Today

Job searches, like the positioning of manufacturing and research facilities has become an international undertaking. As a consequence, how you present yourself is of utmost importance. It is not enough, to create the "sales prospectus" for your person. Overstatement of what you did in your past life is often damaging for your future career prospects. Don't undersell yourself, but at the same time don't overstate your responsibilities and the impact you had on the fortunes of your past employers. Similarly, having lots of details about yourself on social websites, like Facebook, Linked-in or your old school site, may not be what future employers want to see. It is not that social websites should be avoided. Though, you should be careful, what you communicate there.

If you need help to determine what you should say and how you should say it, let us know. We might have a program that can make your job search easier. Send us an e-mail with the remark: "Make my job search easier".

In the pages below, you can find information and links to executive search and employment agencies related to your specialization or the geographic areas in which look for a job.

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Jobs, Headhunters, Companies and Jobsites in the Middle East, USA, Canada

The Page where you find the individual Professions

Jobs in International Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jobs with National and International Construction Companies

International Oil and Gas Jobs and Recruiters

The Middle East and Gulf States
Jobs with Military and Civilian Contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Gulf States, Kenia, Somalia

Security Jobs

| Jobs and Recruiters for Domestic Security Personnel (Home and Commercial)

Jobs and Recruiters for International Security and Asset Protection Jobs

Jobs and Recruiters for Maritime Security Jobs

| Bilingual Jobs and Recruiters (other Languages than Spanish/Portuguese) |

| Spanish and Portuguese Bilingual Recruiters and Jobs (USA/Canada) |

Job Search Advertisements

Short Job Search Advertisements for Civilian Domestic and International Security and Asset Protection Jobs

US - PowerDVD

ESET Enjoy Safer Technology

International Recruiters, Employers and Overseas Job Sites by Country or Industry Sector

International Recruiters

Jobs with International Companies (Page 1)

Jobs with International Companies (Page 2)

Jobs and Recruiters in Germany *
Jobs and Recruiters in Greatbritain and Ireland

Jobs with Iternational Companies in Regional Headquarters in Europe -Switzerland
Jobs with International Companies in Regional Headquarters in Europe - BENELUX - Belgium - Netherlands - Luxemburg
Jobs with International Companies in Regional Headquarters in Europe - Britain, Ireland and France

Jobs in Switzerland
How to find work and reside in Switzerland
Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies (Page 1)

Jobs in Switzerland - Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies (Page 2)

Headhunters, Executive Recruiters in and around the City of Geneva, Switzerland - City Information
(Page 1)

Employment and Staffing Agencies in and around the City of Geneva, Switzerland
(Page 2)

Living in Geneva and Surrounding Areas
(Page 3)

Headhunters, Executive Search and Recruiters in and around Zurich, Switzerland
(Page 1)

Employment and Staffing Agencies in and around the City of Zurich, Switzerland
(Page 2)



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